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BellaVis​ta Lab​radors

Charleston, SC

 Our keeper from each litter

for sale to their best forever families

*started puppies and treasured adults*

Female dob:11-07-18

Female dob:9-22-2014

Female dob:1-24-21

Female dob:1-29-21

puppy questionnaire

These dogs have been lovingly raised as our own and are currently for sale to help keep our number of dogs manageable.  

For inquiries, we ask all families to please fill out our puppy questionnaire.  

You shall recieve a response email with sample puppy contract and be asked to schedule a visitation.  All BellaVista Labradors have been bred from generations of Conformation Show lines aiming for highest quality of temperaments, trainability, health and structure.  Buyers are responsible for their own opinions, experience, expectations, prior knowledge of Labrador Retrievers, interpretation of the Breed Standards, as well as the hands on evaluation, selection, and assessment for trainability of a puppy or dog to be suitable for any desired pursuit.  Viewings are by scheduled visitation only at which time I am more than happy to try to answer all your questions!  Each dog has far more invested in them than a $3,500 asking price.  You will only know if you fall in love with a dog when you meet them!